How can I place an order for an item?

you can purchase online via website or contact us through line : @MAVEN_ID, or WA : 081317179297 

Do I need to sign up for a member’s account to order and check out?

Yes you do, you will have many advantages if you sign up an account. we require only your email account and you make your own password. by doing so, you can proceed with an express check out next time because we will have all your info in our system. 

What if i’ve forgotten my password?

Just click on “forget your password” button below the login form. enter your email and your password will be sent your registered email. 

What if the item i like is sold out? will it be back in stock soon?

Depending on the circumstances, high demand items might get re-stock. Click the “Notify Me” link to get updates on those product.

Do you accept payment by credit card?

Yes we do. We accept payment by VISA, Master Card or American Express through PayPal. Just follow the instructions written and you’re set to go.

Do you accept purchases from overseas, or send overseas?

Yes, we do ship worldwide.

Can I cancel my order after confirming it?

No, you can not. The system doesn’t allow you to do that. If you need to cancel a confirmed order, you can contact us through our Line@ or WA

Can I add an Item after I’ve already submit an order?

Unfortunately you can’t. you will need to place another order for that item or anything else you want to purchase

Is there any time limit placed on my order before completing any payment?

Yes there is. the time limitation is 12 hours. If after 12 hours passed and there’s no payment confirmation, then our system will automatically put your ordered items on stock, and your order will be canceled.

I have transferred my payment for my order. but I forgot to sign in and “Confirm Payment” over the time limit. What should i do?

Please contact us immediately at Line : @maven_id and We will assist you in anyway possible.

Can I track my order?

Yes you can. you can login with your email n password in our system, and you can track your order from there. we also have a history of any purchases you have. 

How soon can I get my purchased item?

Please visit our Shipping and Fees policy

What if i want to receive my purchased item earlier?

Please visit our Shipping and Fees policy

Can I change my shipping address after my order has been sent?

Unfortunately you can’t. please contact us immediately in the event of something like this occurred. We will try to assist you as much as we can.

I haven’t received the item I’ve purchased. It has been more than the estimated delivery time and my order’s status is completed/sent. What should i do?

Kindly contact us through line : @maven_id or WA 081317179297 081317179298. We will assist you in anyway possible. 

The item I’ve purchased is too small/big for me. Can I exchange it?

Yes, we will allow a one time exchange if the item you've ordered doesn't fit you But please do not remove the barcode.

Do you have free shipping?

Yes, for every purchase exceeds IDR 750.000